Abee MP3 Duplicates Finder 3.0: Find mp3, ogg and wma duplicates and similar files and delete(or move) it

Abee MP3 Duplicates Finder 3.0

The purpose of this program is to find all mp3(ogg,wma) duplicates on your computer and remove useless files from your hard drive. As this program performs just this single task it copes with it much better than other more universal programs.

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Spytech Spy Suite 5.40: Powerful REMOTE PC Monitoring and Surveillance

Spytech Spy Suite 5.40

Spytech SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere Suite Powerful REMOTE PC Monitoring and Surveillance SpyAgent, when combined with our award-winning SpyAnywhere software solution, becomes the most powerful and robust remote monitoring and administration software available anywhere. SpyAgent integrates seamlessly with SpyAnywhere, allowing you to gain total control of the remote PC with SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere. SpyAnywhere allows you to view and manage all of SpyAgent

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SMS Spy Software V1.0: SMS spy software (also called SMS spyware) enables you to spy on SMS.

SMS Spy Software V1.0

If you want the “best of the best” SMS spy software, that can do everything you’ll ever need, regardless of your reasons for wanting to spy on any cell phone, then look no further than sms spy pro. sms spy pro is the most advanced SMS spy software available on the market. If you want the best and easy way to spy on any cell phone, then you can’t go wrong with SMS spy pro. It offers features not found anywhere else.

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Anti Spyware - Spy Noose 2.3: Anti Spyware - Remove spyware, adware,trojan, worms

Anti Spyware - Spy Noose 2.3

Spyware - Spy Noose detects all the installed spywares, adwares, dialers, keyloggers, web bugs and other malwares present in your system and cleans them permanently. Spy Noose scans your PC for Adwares, Spywares, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, Loggers and Web Bugs which are responsible for poor PC performance, popup adverts, system malfunction & crash, theft of sensitive information like Credit Cards, Social Security Numbers, passwords etc. Anti Spyware

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Spy Sniper - Advanced Spyware Remover 3.0: Advanced spyware and adware detection, removal, and shielding application.

Spy Sniper - Advanced Spyware Remover 3.0

Spy Sniper is an award-winning spyware, malware, and adware detector, remover, and shields. Spy Sniper also includes auto-scheduled scans, hijacker protections and more. The spyware / adware scan detects and eliminates thousands of hidden programs. Spy Sniper`s shields feature prevents certain spyware and adware from being installed on your PC. This unique feature works even while Spy Sniper is running silently in the background in stealth mode.

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Spy Voice Recorder 3.24: Spy Voice Recorder, computer sound monitor expert spying voice chat messengers.

Spy Voice Recorder 3.24

Spy mode for recording. With the help of background work, auto hides, auto startup, hotkey setup and access password protection, Spy Voice Recorder is very stealthy and invisible. Spy Voice Recorder is directed to voice spy of home computer. Compared with usual audio recorder, this sound monitor software has highlighted feature as a spy tool; it is just like a sound snooper. Spy Voice Recorder plays a great role in spying online voice chat of child

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Webroot Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus 5.5: Webroot Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus removes and blocks spyware and viruses.

Webroot Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus 5.5

Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus is the only tool you need to stay safe from viruses and spyware. Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus offers award-winning antispyware software combined with powerful antivirus protection detects 40% mores spies than any other antispyware. When you install Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus on your PC, you can use the Internet without fear of infection. Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus gives you 360 degrees of protection. Powerful Smart Shields

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Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac 6.2.10: Clone and backup DVD contents to local disk, burn local contents to DVD.

Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac 6.2.10

clone DVD whole disk or main movie You can choose to clone DVD whole disc with all the special features, intros, trailers and ads, or just copy the main movie. 2.Clone and backup DVD contents to local disk With this professional software, you can backup DVD disk to DVD folder or ISO image file to local. 3.Burn local contents to DVD Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac can clone DVD from local DVD folder or ISO image file. 4.Mac DVD Cloner to Clone DVD Clone

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DVD Clone Factory DVD Clone Factory:  Perfect clone your favorite DVD movies.

DVD Clone Factory

Clone Factory is a powerful DVD clone software. It clone any of your DVD movies to a single recordable DVD disc with amazing high speed and top quality. You can clone an entire DVD movie - including menus, trailers and special features to a single DVD disc. DVD clone factory is very easy to use, the unique DVD clone wizard will guide you step by step through all settings - ideal for both beginners and veterans! DVD clone factory is proved a very

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SpyPal Home PC Spy 2012 9.18: Monitor employees, children, spouse and criminals on a PC.

SpyPal Home PC Spy 2012 9.18

SpyPal Home PC Spy is completely invisible to computer users - No trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, Applications, Windows Task Manager, and no icons, shortcuts or other items. You can either view the record secretly via SpyPal Invisible Spy Control Panel on the monitored computer, or receive all logging records from a pre-set email box! These reports can be sent as often as you wish, such as every sixty minutes. SpyPal Home PC Spy can be

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